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When we purchase our washers, dryers, and refrigerators we are excited about upgrading our homes with new appliances. From custom built in Sub Zero fridges to state of the art washers and dryers that can perform all of your laundry needs in one machine, getting new toys for the house is pretty fun. Lets face it, as home owners and parents our kids keep us on our toes, nothing throws off our schedules more than an appliance breaking. For emergency Woodland Hills Appliance Repair call AF Services. We are a locally owned, fully insurance Woodland Hills Appliance Repair company.

Emergency Woodland Hills Appliance RepairĀ 

Appliances do not give us a heads up when they are about to go out. The funny part about appliances dying on us, is that is seems to happen at the worst possible time. You just purchased a whole bunch of groceries and your fridge goes out. It’s your turn to host the kids football team dinner and the stove quits working. Sunday night is your laundry night, you’ve got your work clothes and kids school close ready to go in the wash, and it won’t work. You get the point. For emergency Woodland Hills Appliance Repair contact AF Services.

Refrigerator Repair in Woodland HillsĀ 

AF Services knows that out of all the appliances that can break, your fridge is the last one you want going down. Your fridge and freezer house your families food and usually, your water supply. When a washer or dryer breaks, you simply have dirty clothes. When your refrigerator goes out, all of your food can spoil. In house holds like ours, where we have kids, grandkids, and family friends constantly visiting, we pack the fridge and freezer full of food. We often spend close to a thousand dollars on a Costco run, just to stock up. When your fridge dies, all that food goes to waste.

For refrigerator repair in Woodland Hills, call AF Services. We not only have decades of services success, we most importantly know how to repair Sub Zeros and custom built in fridges. We are licensed and insured, and have glowing yelp and Google reviews. Call us today and let us get your fridge back up and running.