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Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair

Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair

Nothing is worse than shopping at Ralphs or Whole Foods, stocking up on your weekly groceries, and then your fridge dies. Unfortunately, this happens to all of us, and it seems to happen at the worst times. You just purchased a few hundred dollars of food for a party. The soccer team is coming to your house for team night. The list goes on and on. It’s not a question of, instead it is “when” will your appliances give out. For Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair call AF Services of Woodland Hills.

Our goal is to get your fridge back up and running in no time. We are licensed, bonded, and approved by national appliance companies are a preferred repair agency. Af Services didn’t get to where we are today for no reason, it was a hard road. As a local family owned and operated appliance business, we’ve lived in Woodland Hills for over 35 years. We raised our kids, and now Grand kids, while building our business. We care about our clients, the same as we care for our own family.

Local Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair Company 

It’s a bit scary nowadays calling a repair technician to your home. The sad truth is that Woodland Hills just isn’t as safe as it used to be. When our kids were young, and attending Calabasas High School, we’d let them walk to and from school. When they would go out to the Commons and see a movie, we had no worries. That’s not the case anymore. As a local Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair Company, we know how hard it is to let a random person around your family.

Af Services goes above and beyond to make sure each client is safe and secure when we enter your home. Our technicians are screened, drug tested, and most of all trusted by OUR FAMILY. We would never send someone to your home that we would not let around our family members. AF Services is not a national chain. Instead, we focus on being a local company and providing the BEST customer service.

Emergency Fridge Repair in Woodland Hills 

When your fridge and freezer go on the fritz, call Af Services of Woodland Hills. Our emergency fridge repair technicians know how to analyze and repair all fridges. In Woodland Hills and Calabasas a lot of homeowners have built-in custom fridges or Sub Zero appliances. These types of high-end systems need a special, certified technician. Our company provides that level of service. Call (818) 593-8198 for a quote.

Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair

Woodland Hills Refrigerator Repair